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Basic information about potteries
Earthenware vs. porcelain
Potteries are roughly classified into earthenware and porcelain.
The main difference resides in the raw materials: earthenware is made of clay, while porcelain is made from powdered stone mixed with clay. Because of the difference in raw materials, they have different properties and require different handling.

How to handle earthenware

Since earthenware absorbs water, extra care is necessary before and after using it.

Before using:

Soak the earthenware in water for 30 minutes. This makes it less absorbent of water or oil.

After using:

Clean the earthenware as soon as possible, and dry it thoroughly before putting it in a cupboard.

How to handle earthenware

Since porcelains do not absorb water and are relatively shock-resistant, you don’t need to take extra care. However, do not heat porcelains with painted decorations, or with gold/silver decorations in either a microwave oven or a gas oven.